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Consciousness Revolution: Transpersonal Discoveries That Are Changing the World
Moscow, June 23 - 27, 2010

Keynote speakers about the Conference

15 July 2010

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«As the former president of the ITA, I want to express my appreciation for all the work from you and Anna (and others) to make the Moscow conference such a success! I hope you are now beginning to recuperate from what no doubt can be called an altered stated of experience in organizing this complex event.»

Harris Friedman

«Yes I agree with Harris 100% on this. It was really a great event and I congratulate the team for their efforts in organizing it.»

Kiran Kumar

«I want to thank you for all the work you must have furnished to get this to-gether. I beleive it is very important for the future of psychotherapy in general and also for our patients.»

Barbara Schasseur

«You did a real great job organizing this beautiful conference with these number of really sophisticated and interesting people. Thank you very much; and I think you also inspired the work of Eurotas.»

Ingo Jahrsetz

«Dear Vladimir, you and your colleagues deserve congratulations for hosting an unforgettable conference. I  benefitted from it, and learned a lot — and I am sure that other participants did as well».

Stanley Krippner

«I can’t thank you enough for the most amazing days here. Thank you for the courage and vision to make this happen, the love and heart that carried you and congratulations to the most amazing event. You are heroes in my heart, and look forward to assist you in your projects. Most important, Ellen and me both cherish the gift of friendship that grew out of this connection.»

Max and Ellen Schupbah

«The conference was absolutely amazing! You and the Russian team organized and carried out a very important, diverse (so many presenters, as you had wanted), and meaningful conference. I heard many good comments from many attendees about how much they appreciated this conference. It also served the purpose of bringing together many people from different parts of the world to meet, discuss their work, and to set up future collaborations, which I know was one of your intentions. I have fully extended my contacts in the world and have several collaborations to follow up with when I get back to the US. Now I just need more days in the year to visit all these people! And I know I am not the only one. So again, much success in this conference. I also see that this conference is not over, it is only a beginning of many future collaborations ... My heartfelt gratitude for being able to be on the ITA Conference Executive Board. I learned a lot from that very meaningful experience. And I learned a lot from being at the conference. Thanks for your vision and for the many hours of hard work of this conference.»

Steven Schmitz

«I write to thank you for a meeting, acquaintance and to bless that important work which you carry out in Russia on rapprochement of various sides of human experience and researches in a context of Transpersonal psychology.»

Abbot Evmeny

«Bravo. it was a wonderful confluence of science, art, music and collegiality. i will be writing an article on it for the atp-ahp newsletter soon so anyone who wants to contribute a reflection or a photo, please send it to me in the next 2 weeks.»

David Lukoff

«We are full of wonderful memories of the warm reception and support by all of you and deep appreciation for the incredible work, time, and love you had put in to organize the ITA congress under such challenging financial and political circumstances. I have to think about what Jim Garrison said in his brilliant presentation on the global crisis when he talked about „cultural creatives“ and quoted Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson: „Cultural creatives“ feel much closer to cultural creatives in other countries than they feel to their countrymen and women. That is certainly true about us; we feel more deeply connected with you (in spite of our cultural, historical, and language differences) than with people with whom we share the language and nationality, but not the vision — creating a global community in which violence will not be seen as an acceptable way of solving conflicts and humanity will treat with respect not only its own kind, but also nature and other species. And sectarian chauvinism will be replaced by spirituality that is universal, all-inclusive, and all-encompassing.

It was not just your love and support that sustained us during our stay in Moscow; the response of the conference participants — even if somewhat challenging and overwhelming for us at times — was extremely moving and endearing.»

Stanislav Grof