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Consciousness Revolution: Transpersonal Discoveries That Are Changing the World
Moscow, June 23 - 27, 2010

Tanna Jakubowicz-Mount

Birth: 29.06.1946 Paris, Qualifications: Psychologist MA in Clinical Psychology,1970 Warsaw University, Psychotherapist.Postgraduat courses:1976-1977 USA trainee programme in Gestalt therapy, Reichian and Neoreichian therapy, Psychosynthesis, Bioenergetics,1987 Gestalt Therapy Certificate given by GTILA, 1980-1995 several courses led by American and western psychotherapists in: Biosynthesis, Radix Therapy,Voice Dialogue, Transpersonal Therapy, Shamanic practices. Professional experience:1970-1976 Organising and leading new therapeutic centers like OTIRO -The Center of Therapy and Personal Development, individual and group therapy, Art-Therapy. 1981-1982 in USA leading several workshops for local communities, school teams , abused women. 1982-1992 Laboratory of Psychoeducation Warsaw - advanced group therapy. 1993-2000- Founder and President of Polish Transpersonal Association and Holistic Training Centre for University Students together with already practicing psychologists focusing on the theory and practice of transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy. 1995-1999 Vice President of EUROTAS. 1997 - Organising 4th European Transpersonal Conference in Poland- Warsaw.Contributing to EAST-WEST Exchange of Therapist Programme. Participating as plenary presenter in European Transpersonal Conferences: inWarsaw 1997, Assisi 2000, Lizbon 2001, Luxemburg 2002, Moscow 2005 and France 2006, Freiburg 2007, India-Delhi 2008, Barcelona 2008. Milano 2009