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Consciousness Revolution: Transpersonal Discoveries That Are Changing the World
Moscow, June 23 - 27, 2010

Rajesh Dalal

Rajesh Dalal graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur as a Chemical Engineer in 1975. However, it was clear to him by then that his primary concern was “human transformation”. He had studied at depth, thoughts of leading psychologists, philosophers and educators from the West. His thirst for fundamental enquiry led him to Eastern religion, Yoga and the teachings of spiritual traditions like Vedanta, Zen and Sufism. He continued to seek for answers to the countless questions that plagued his mind.

Encounter  with  Shri J.Krishnamurti’s writings in 1971 and later with the man himself, altered his whole inner direction. An emptying process had spontaneously begun and with that a dying to the known and an entry into an unknown dimension of living.
Immediately after graduation, instead of seeking security and success in the engineering profession, Rajesh plunged headlong into the work of inner enquiry and creating a different kind of education and life. Moved by his commitment and passion, Krishnamurti made him a trustee of his Foundation and invited Rajesh to travel with him in India. During ten years of these travels, they had intimate and challenging conversations and countless dialogues on “What is the human potential and what is limiting Man?” Countless spiritual experiences and insights were generated through these encounters and Rajesh attempts to share this process with people. Confronting difficult human issues and unpleasant truths, looking at them deeply without condemnation or justification, many have experienced the healing insights and release of creative energies generated thereby.
Rajesh has held important executive and educational responsibilities for the Foundation and its centres in the past and has initiated a number of innovative educational forums and projects. He has now retired from all executive roles in the Foundation, totally committing himself to one challenge – transformation of consciousness through inviting, asking, nurturing and deepening fundamental questions of human existence.
He has traveled widely, all over Asia, Europe and Northern America giving talks, holding dialogues and retreats. As a co-traveler and a friend, NOT as a teacher, Rajesh invites us to observe the cultural and deeper assumptions that prevent us from living a life of peace, love and creative happiness. This process opens up a radically new possibility of living a life of honesty, vitality and depth.