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Consciousness Revolution: Transpersonal Discoveries That Are Changing the World
Moscow, June 23 - 27, 2010

Esperide Ananas

Esperide Ananas, Director of International Relations for the Federation of Damanhur.

University degree in English and Spanish Literature from IULM University in Milan, Master of Arts in Communication from New York University.

Esperide is a full time citizen of the Federation of Damanhur since 1993. In the same year, she graduated from the Damanhur School for Spiritual Healers. She is part of the Way of the Oracle of Damanhur, and of a specialized group of researchers in “Selfica”. Selfica is an ancient discipline aimed at directing intelligent and subtle energies, capable of interacting with human beings and the environment. In Damanhur, Selfica is used extensively to explore different planes of consciousness and for healing.

Fluent in five languages for over 10 years Esperide has been an International Ambassador for the Federation, leading seminars on the development of consciousness and human potential, and sharing Damanhur's vision for new social, spiritual and economic models for sustainability. She has worked for the European Parliament and as a consultant for Italian and international organizations.

Esperide is an international speaker, a published author (both in Italy and in the US), and comic novelist. She has written and directed two plays as well as producing and directing video. She loves sci-fi, and is a very keen photographer.