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Consciousness Revolution: Transpersonal Discoveries That Are Changing the World
Moscow, June 23 - 27, 2010

Dana Klisanin

Dana Klisanin has brought together the work of leading thinkers from the fields of humanistic, transpersonal, integral, and systems science, in designing Evolutionary Guidance Media, a framework designed to assist persons interested in the investigation, creation, and promotion of conscious media, pro-social media, green media, and transpersonal or transformative media. Klisanin has presented at conferences in North America, Asia, and Europe, and her articles have appeared in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, Systemist, and on-line through the website of the International Society for the Systems Sciences. As founder of the Evolutionary Guidance Media Research & Design Group, Klisanin serves as a consultant to international companies and organizations seeking to use the power of media to achieve pro-social change. Her pioneering research in media psychology is focused on digital altruism and media activism. Current projects include establishing the Integral Media Lab, investigating and promoting the application of integral theory to media; Digital Goodness Index, a numerical index tracking acts of digital activism designed to draw attention to pro-social uses of the Internet; the Gaia Genome Project, a social action project blending art and technology designed to promote global understand of planetary interdependence; and Project Milky Way, a gaming system designed to empower youth with the ability to create pro-social change in the real world. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Association for Transpersonal Psychology, International Society for the Systems Sciences, and the World Futures Studies Federation.