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Consciousness Revolution: Transpersonal Discoveries That Are Changing the World
Moscow, June 23 - 27, 2010

SOUND: The Beginning and the Future of Transpersonal Therapies

June 28th, 29th.


Presenter: Silvia Nakkach, M. A., MMT

The human being is not only formed of vibrations, but lives and moves in them. Creation begins with the activity of consciousness, which may be called vibration. Sound gives to the consciousness an evidence of its existence. H. Inayat Khan

This seminar is about the role of Sound, Voice, and Music in healing and spiritual awakening. Sound is the foundation for all existence. Our experience of Sound as a vibrational force is central to the awareness of our cosmic consciousness, and Sound expresses the relationship between human and cosmic orders-One in Union with the Infinite Universe. Sound is also the simplest, most direct, and most potent form of energy psychology. The class integrates the shamanic, the creative, and the scientific dimensions of Sound with the wisdom of sacred and aboriginal sound medicine. It explores the interplay of voice, music, states of consciousness and intention to assist psycho-spiritual insight and healing, including how Sound is used today in scientific research and integrative medicine for support of therapeutic processes.


Like the shaman, the yogi, and the mystic, who use Sound as a gateway to transcendence and the exploration of consciousness, therapists today must navigate the realms of the Personal, the Visible, and the Invisible to find metaphors for healing that honor the entire spectrum of human experience. Drawing from an unbroken tradition of Indian, Tibetan, and Afro-Brazilian devotional chanting, Silvia offers innovative forms of vocal improvisation, indigenous chants, and divine utterances to connect us with traditions of enchantment and enlightenment. She provides an effective cross-cultural model for working with sound and music in contemporary therapies and in performance with a renewed transpersonal emphasis. Special focus will be given to the practice of medicine melodies, through (Indian) raga singing, and the (Amazonian) Icaros-spontaneous musical transmissions from nature or the spirit world that are «singing in» to the person rather than the person «singing out.» Participants will experience how music, combined with tone-magic, clears and opens energetic channels, releases ancestral memories, gives birth to kindness, and connects us with love.


This seminar is for anyone who longs to work more knowingly with music and the voice. Bring an instrument if you have one, and a journal.



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