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Consciousness Revolution: Transpersonal Discoveries That Are Changing the World
Moscow, June 23 - 27, 2010

Panels and Round Tables

If you would like to participate in one of the panels/round tables please email with your request


1. World Spiritual Communities

2. Yoga and Sound in Transformation of Consciousness

3. Transpersonal Dimensions of Art

4. Symposium on Psychodelic Psychotherapy

5. Diamond Heart of the World

6. Consciousness Research

7. The Great Spiritual Traditions of the World

8. Spirituality in Modern World

9. New Cartography of the Human Psyche and the Holotropic Perspective

10. Transpersonal Psychology and the New Paradigm in Science

11. Russian Transpersonalism

12. Transpersonal Psychology and Higher Education

13. Spirituality and Sexuality

14. Spirituality and Business: How to Heal Global Crisis

15. Global Problems and Human Evolution

16. Spiritual Approach to Health and Healing

17. Transpersonal Psychology and Depth Ecology

18. Martial Arts and Consciousness Skills

19. Circle of Elders

20. Transpersonal Dimensions of the Masculine and Feminine

21. Consciousness Coaching

22. Noetic and Spiral Dynamics

23. Transpersonal Therapies

24. The Integral Vision

25. Transpersonal Dimensions of Body Oriented Therapy

26. Towards a Comprehensive Map of Human Development

27. Consciousness and the Mystery of Death

28. The Processwork

29. Human potential and Further Reaches of Human Nature

30. Spirituality and Politics

31. Transpersonal Approach to Addictions

32. Transpersonal Aspects of Dreaming

33. Psychophysiology of altered states of consciousness

34. Spiritual Emergency

35. Cross disciplinary scientific consciousness research: philosophy, psychology, physiology, physics, medicine (psychiatry)